I spend at least a couple of hours outside every day. That’s turned into no joint pain. I forget that I’m old and go out and do things, which is wonderful until I try to stand up out in the bay and remember that my knee doesn’t stand me up any more, at least not without a lot of thinking. But Daughter was there, so I was saved.

And yes! We went swimming. Or frolicking, as Daughter put it. The beach is actually a sandbar that went out at least a city block. We quit going farther out and just floated or sat or knelt in the water, and felt and watched and listened to the waves pushing us around. Sunlight, and warm water, and a stiff breeze that wasn’t too cold.

And we accomplished things! Not great huge things, but little bits here and there. Any forward motion is good. I had a list of things I wanted to get done, and then did my best to avoid the list by doing other things. So the picture window got washed, and the front walk swept, and the prayer flags hung on the railing. More things set out for Goodwill or thrown out.

I’ll go out today and take pictures of pretty things. It’s sunny, and I need my rays.