No searching for blessings today; we’re getting rain.

It’s rained since about 5 this morning. Not fast, not hard; that gentle soak that a parched land needs. We’ve been short 3 inches of rain in the last two months alone. The U.S Drought monitor says this part of the state is between “abnormally dry” and “severe drought.” And we’re lucky; just east of us it falls to “extreme drought.” Places that get several feet of snow got inches this year. I’m on the Lake and its accompanying snow belt; we probably got 15 inches of snow last winter. The winter before, there was consistently more snow an hour south. So, yes. Rain.

And today I signed up to volunteer at the local shelter. I asked specifically to work outside; the director asked me if I was interested in gardens. Do birds fly in the air, mostly? I went to fill out paperwork and to be interviewed. The woman I will be working with was just hired on two months ago. She is interested in gardening, so she was handed the job of developing a garden program and was praying for help with the years-neglected beds. Plus she’s a flake, so I have company. And! she asked if I wanted to go to Walmart with her and help pick out plants. Duh.

And I’ve had winning lottery tickets twice in a row! A total of ten bucks, but I won’t complain.