I really would. But she blew it big time. She said the custard tasted like fried eggs. So, no pity for her.

Anyway. Like I said, I’m volunteering to garden over at the shelter. It’s well into June, and things need to be dug up and prepared, and it’s getting late, even for up here in the Great North Woods. And we’re in the middle of an eight-year-long drought. So, of course, it rained, starting at 10 A.M. which surprisingly is the time I was scheduled to start digging.

But. I am an alien person from an alien world, who enjoys alien things and ignores things the natives find unpleasant. Like working outside in the rain. It was wonderful, cool and soothing. I was double-digging a central flower bed planted in cheap fill that someone had artfully scattered rocks through before it was neglected for a year or two. I considered being upset for at least 30 seconds, and then started working.

I get a little focused on what I’m doing sometimes. I went in after about an hour, and was laughed at by the nice office woman. I looked down to discover I was muddy pretty much all the way from my hat to my shoes. Oops. She just looked at me and said, “You must really like gardening.” I made some lame excuse about it really needing to be dug now, but I was lying. I just like to be outside.

Oh, and back to Daughter. She is appalled at how dirty I am, and starts asking in that demanding sort of way, “You are going to take a shower, aren’t you?” Yes, mud all down the front of me is grounds for taking a shower, even on my planet. I peel everything off and take a nice hot scrubby shower. I get out and am making happy noises in the bathroom, and she asks if I’m all right. So I had to sing;

At least she doesn’t yell at me for singing any more. On occasion, she even bursts out in song. Alien child of an alien mother.