(Or, waiting for the Zanax to take effect.)

Tomorrow, I go off to college for orientation. AND THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT!!!! I seem to be a little uneasy. The actual commitment was a month or more ago, when I sent off those checks, so there really is no need for me to be disturbed.

Did I mention having to leave here before 6 a.m. to take a math placement test? And orientation? and stuff? And nervous 18 year-olds? And dealing with other moms and dads who will be asking me who my child is? It’s my fault. I should have called and asked if I really had to endure all this, having already been to college. I did opt out of spending the night on campus. I know what used dorm rooms are all about.

Actually, the big thing was, I was going to put this off for a year. I have Major Concerns about Daughter being able to function on her own, without getting a little weird. And money is going to be nuts. And, you know. Off to college. Then I realized I would go absolutely insane if I didn’t go.

Anyway. More monkeying around with stuff. I made buckwheat pancakes again this morning. The Psycho cookbook calls for beaten eggwhites- stiff, but not dry. Because I am a good mother, I foist this job off on Daughter. We have been using the Magic Twanger of Eggbeating, a clump of stiff wires with heavy balls on the end of each that makes beating eggs painless, unless you’re beating eggwhites until stiff. Today we switched to a tiny french whisk, and it was working better, but still slow. I was lamenting the rotary egg-beater I had decided I didn’t need and gave away when the idea struck me. I took the handle of the whisk between both hands and rolled it back and forth. Another voila moment – stiff and dry egg whites in a matter of seconds. (Okay, maybe two minutes from when I started, but still. Way faster. I am a genius.)

So. Now I have to get off the computer and face getting my act together for tomorrow. They’ve sent me pieces of paper. I wonder where they are….