Yesterday morning was bright and beautiful, and I have been fading, so I made a point of getting out into the backyard to sit in my white rocker in my white shirt and my almost white shorts, wearing old-lady sunglasses and a straw hat. I must be a remarkable sight, but I don’t care. Since I’ve been hanging out in the sun, all the last vague undefined aches and pains have vanished. And I sit out there knitting, concentrating on counting stitches and clearing my head, paying attention to my left shoulder which creeps up and forward as soon as I start thinking about anything. It comes forward, and my hands start shaking from some muscle imbalance, and I pull back into the now, a sure feedback loop.

What am I knitting? Right now it’s the mothwing shawl. I’d take a picture, but it’s just a mass of moss-colored yarn clumped up on a circular needle. It’s up to 300 stitches, which makes for a nice relaxing drift on the purl side. I’m thinking of taking it up to 400, another 50 rows before I have to make any decisions like how to bind off, beads or no beads, what to knit next. But at 20 minutes or more per row, I might go bonkers before I get there.

Then about 2:30, when I was doing the final work on yesterday’s post , I looked up to see that the sky was getting dark. Really dark. Then BOOM!, maybe a quarter mile away – Save Draft Please Right Now Quickly Please? – shut down and disconnect. Then time spent watching the rain, and closing and opening the windows based on which way the wind was blowing, and standing in the doorway watching it stream down, after years of drought.

I ended the day by setting up my sewing machine, oiling it and running it enough to shorten the hem on a Goodwill skirt. Fun to watch my hands remember what to do, how to wind and load the bobbin, thread the machine, with my conscious mind just watching, astonished. I can’t remember how to ride a bike anywhere near as well.