About two years ago, I read a book called, “Alex and Me,” about that world-famous African Grey parrot who basically spoke English. He could count objects, identify colors and shapes, do basic problem solving. (Lots of cool stuff. There are videos and documentaries about him. Go look it up. It’s fascinating.) The book also talks about other parrots in the program learning to speak English and some of the goofball things they would say, including two parrots who loved green beans. When presented with a plate of green beans these two parrots would start off on a little cheer. One would say “Green!” and the other would say “Bean!” back and forth.

So one night I’m eating green beans for dinner and I start saying “Green! Bean!” over and over. And so then I have to explain it to Daughter, who starts up with it on her own. Randomly, for about a week, we would start with the Green! Bean! back and forth, frequently in public. So, anyway, last night Daughter is eating her dinner and points out that yes, it has Broccoli! So of course I say Green! and you know how the rest goes.

And we Got Out Our Bikes Yesterday and Rode Them. This is a big deal. Daughter has issues with co-ordination and shockingly, bike riding plays into just a boatload of panicky-type things for her. I’m only somewhat freaked out, mostly because I know I’ve lost a certain amount of hearing, and with my little-old-lady sunglasses I lose some peripheral vision. And the hips, of course. But we wear our helmets and go out and try. Yesterday we were going to the library and then the grocery store, maybe ten blocks out and then back. So. Two blocks into the trip we stop at a friend’s and ring the doorbell and say, “Hey Mister, can you fix our bikes?” (Seats needed adjusting. I am going to take some cake over to him.) Then about two blocks later, we came to a turn, and we had to stop for that because Daughter was freaking. And then two blocks to a busy street, and then two more to the point where we had to walk for a bit. So, a nice, lazy ride. The way back was faster and smoother, but we still had reasons to pause. And we got home and I was all , “This is AWESOME! I feel Great!!”

So today I hopped on my bike and rode off on my errands. My stops were about fifteen blocks away, and I didn’t have She of the Many Pauses along to slow me down. I went to the co-op to buy ingredients for the cake, and was so hopped up on exercise endorphins I forgot to buy my usual little tiny dark chocolate treat, and was forced to eat grapes instead when I got home.

Fortunately, the aforementioned cake needs bittersweet chocolate, so I have an 11.5 oz. bag of Ghirardelli’s 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate chips to make up for it.

Here’s the recipe. I have her cookbook, “Super Natural Cooking.” I think both the book and the blog are great finds. I’ll tell you how the cake comes out.