It all started with a “PXE:rom” message; Dude, you got a bad connection somewhere. Anyway. I knew things were getting dicey, and really, I was planning on saving links and backing up files and all that good stuff on Thursday, which of course explains why the computer crashed Wednesday. (Melted and cracked and generally destroyed video card. I’m surprised smoke didn’t come rolling up out of it.)

And Stupidhead – who shall forever be called Bigfoot from now on so I don’t have to feel guilty or worry that I might slip even though he IS Stupidhead – came on Friday and gerry-rigged stuff and asked if there was anything I really needed off my drive, which he couldn’t get to because it was passworded, and I decided I was better off losing everything on my hard drive than letting him know I have a blog and that I frogged his socks and made a pair for myself. So I have lost all my links and probably a ton of information that was truly useful, but I have a computer again, and one that can process photos much faster. (It’s sort of like waking up with amnesia – I can save better, more earth-friendly links. I feel almost reborn.) (I remembered most of my usual blogs except the sewing ones, and I remembered where that saddle-shoulder pullover pattern that I swear I will make someday is, and Joslyn’s Fiber Farm. Everything else will come back if I need it to. Really, reborn.)

But! since he was setting up my computer, he did things like make my password all gooshy- mushy, and my screensaver is really aucky too, so I’m back in here passwording stuff and not saving said passwords on the computer, what with the once-burned thing, and putting my desktop back to what it was –

Toothless, who also had to go undercover while Stupidhead Bigfoot was here.

And I finally got to have a plain old bowl of vegetables for dinner, and two bowls of ice cream for dessert, because.

The only thing useful or interesting I can say that happened was that I had another really good dream about going back to school, another dream that involved earning money being creative instead of being a janitor. My subconscious was very specific about that part this time. It seems to be thrilled.