Yes, I’m back to telling people what they need, because I am Awesome And Should Be Listened To (and am suddenly homesick for a good sit-down with Owl and Pooh and them).

Anyway. Clickthing, that blog that’s typed up, and then scanned and posted? Still love it. Post today about sullen teenagers and poems. I’m thinking about cleaning up one of the beater typewriters laying about and sending Daughter (who isn’t a teenager or sullen, but still) out into the world.

And Waging Nonviolence, about peaceful protests around the world and what they are accomplishing.

And Daily Painting, about a new painting, daily.

I lost AVWAR’s flickr link in the Great Purge and Crash. If she would be kind enough to put it in comments for me, you should go there too.

I will be not at work tomorrow, and will be able to think. (Today is day 8. My brain is cooked.)