And there was a picture to prove it.

And then we moved and things changed and I got older. And then there was that whole Woodstock-hippie-free love-alternate lifestyles-bad choices-rock ‘n roll boyfriends era, and then I got a good job that I loved in a photo lab, got pregnant and got married.

And then my brother found the negative and made a couple of prints for me. I made a copy of this picture and put it up in the photo lab, with an “I voted” sticker on it. I sent one of the prints out to AVWAR, who put it up on her refrigerator. And then I lost my copy.

Then we moved and things were what they were and then I met Bigfoot and things got better again, and Lenny sent a scan of it back here to Bigfoot, who would get all uppity and threaten to post a copy of it on his model airplane forum. I always told him that it was on Lenny’s refrigerator, and that more people would see it there.

And then somebody came and stayed at Lenny’s B&B while she was out of town. Lenny met her a few weeks later, and the woman said that she’d been thinking about “that picture” all this time, and could she use it in a powerpoint sermon on individuality?

After I got done laughing, I said yes.

See? Awesome superhero who rode horses and flew airplanes and carried….something important in her purse.