Did I mention that I’m going to school this fall? Anyway.

My garden is full of bugs. I don’t use chemicals. There was that incident when I was working at the greenhouse and staggered in one morning, a bit under the weather. I was foolish enough to look at the cautionary statements on Temic, the systemic insecticide that was used there. I was more than ready to go to the hospital. Fortunately I realized in time that I was merely really, really hung over.

I’ve picked up a new craft/ creative option; beading. The shelter is going to sell crafts somewhere along the line as a fundraiser, so a small select group has been turned loose with beads and needles. But there’s that thing where I can’t see well any more, so the combination of the world’s smallest possible needle eye and a “thread” the size of a tree trunk has me stumped. There’s also a memory, is it from grade school? One of those moments when the world suddenly falls open at your fingertips. These bright beads stir something deep down.

We snatched up a Comfy Chair. It’s a one-and-a-half thing, covered in cotton ticking. I have finished books.

I got a notice saying that I hadn’t finished things at The Student Loan Master Scary Thing Site. I should go finish “credit counseling.” (Remember the scary thing part?) There’s some other thing that involves big words and dire consequences that I have to do.

There. I’m mostly caught up. On my list for things to do tomorrow is, “figure out what you need in your purse and then figure out how to organize it.”

It occurs to me that I am saying “thing” a lot. Also other words that we don’t need to mention. It also occurs to me that a plan doesn’t have to happen all at once. It can happen in little bits and pieces.

I seem to be developing a plan. And sometimes I remember to breathe.