I can’t believe the mind shift that has happened since I decided to go back to school. A few years back, I read a slew of those how-to-get-organized and clean and healthy books. The only thing that made any sense to me out of all those books was a suggestion to write what or who you wanted to be on a notecard and hang it in the middle of the room, and organize around that. I’ve got that notecard hanging in the middle of my brain, and everything is falling into place around it. It’s stunning.

I asked a friend today how she managed to go back to school in her twenties. She said straight out that she had a lot of support from people who believed she could do it. I look back at my twenties when I tried to go back, and there’s a big old hollow space where support would have been. So I’m not going to look at how I was then. Now I’m a different sort of person.

But anyway. Neglect comes up because I was just out in my garden. I usually don’t abandon a garden quite so early. I promise, I’ll get out there and weed.

Some things are still pretty good.