A movie enthusiast who held a Guinness World Record for the number of films he had watched has died at the age of 65.

Oh, and by the way; Mercury is retrograde! Did you know that? I did!

Waiting for checks and emails. Found out that the job I thought I had, I don’t have – as in I thought we’d agreed that I’d work short hours during school and then fill in over the holidays, but apparently agreeing to that and hearing it in your brain are two different things for some people.

And trying to figure out the school’s web page, and how to get to places, and what might be going on. I sent a whiney note to the Career Center at school because my brain locked up trying to remember my password for job searches, and had to explain that I thought it was funny how I’d get so goofed up and that the “kids” were laughing at me behind my back for being An Old Fogey – “Drat you kids and your loud music!” – only to get a reply from somebody who sure made it sound like he is An Old Fogey. I will have allies, at least.

(To be honest, their web pages suck. It’s not like when you are trying to buy something and they make sure that You Know Where The “Complete My Purchase” buttons are. The pages are set up to not cater to any particular clientele, and you kind of wander around like in a computer game, waving your arrow over things to see what lights up. And everything’s all this pretty golden color, and what you’re looking for is the word about four places in, and it’s all so dreamy and….* It’s a good thing that I’m doing hands-on sort of stuff.)

So. When I get off hold, I’ll have something to actually say. Oh, wait. I do have something to say. If I promise to get over my antipathy to whiny-white-boy bands, will everybody lay off “Eat, Pray, Love?” I know, rich white girls finding themselves, but some of us got something out of it. It’s like saying Hershey’s isn’t good enough, and you won’t drink champagne from a paper cup. But, you know, if you push it I’ll tell you about our evening watching Mamma Mia – and you won’t be happy.

* and look! Dot. Dot. Dot! shudder….