Good, good, good things going on around here.

Daughter won her SSI case. We are going to take some of her money and buy her clothes.

Bigfoot/ Stupidhead/ Semi-ex won his SSDI case today, so I can quit worrying about him for a while.

Cute little dogs have been literally throwing themselves at us lately. We were at the farmer’s market on Saturday, and this little dog watched us till we made eye contact, and then just burst out into this huge tail-wagging “pet me, pet me” dance. The owner said that the little dog does that all the time, dragging people in with its magnetic personality.

BABIES! There were babies all over the place at the store last night. Their skin, and their way of being in the world, just tempt me. They were all well guarded, and I suspect my companion would have stopped me if I’d tried.

We found where we were going! with only one backtrack of a half a block! Freaking miracle, that. We were on time, too.

He whose name is too long to type now found $22 in a pair of pants he bought at Goodwill.

Amazing Grace Bakery for breakfast over in Duluth at quarter to twelve today. I had a tofu scramble. I’d periodically just put my hand up to stop the conversation so I could concentrate on the taste of the food in my mouth. Really. We took my leftover toast home with us, it was that good.

There was a photo, a B&W time exposure of beach and water on the wall at said restaurant that was just killer. The horizon line like a knife, like a seam in the universe.

We went to Duluth Pack Company. I got to explain spending so many years with the Boundary Waters calling my name and how Duluth packs were an icon of that romance. We played with the backpack espresso pots. The guy with the name offered me a red enamel coffee pot and and a proposal. I almost accepted.*

We stopped at school, my school, and I got my parking pass and my mailbox key, and a time to check into my room.

And home, to Daughter and another of these sunsets with green and grey and orange just at the edge.

*Just so nobody freaks out, (Lenny) I’m officially off-limits to all commitments, to even considering commitments, until January at the very earliest. Except school.