“Mom? I might need some assistance?”

About 1 1/4 inches. In the bathtub. Yes, I will help. (We practice catch-and-release here, even if the thing’s Eyes Are On Stalks!!!!!!)

My monastic cell.

Early clutter.

And waiting for me at the door.

It was an Intense! Week.

I’m really happy with my class schedule. I’ve got book-classes on Tuesday and Thursday, you know, sit around and talk? and doing-classes on M-W-F. It was so awesome to be in a room full of people who just want to do stuff with their hands. One of my teachers does one of each. In the book class he was all talky smiley. In the first doing-class, fiber arts, he walked in and said “We’re going to be doing this. This is what I expect. Be here during class time if you want help,” and then he was out of there. Most of the students took off, but a couple of us stood around and talked to the assistant. In the second doing-class, non-ferrous metals, the teacher spent quite a bit of time explaining the basic principles of the first project, got us going cutting our copper (by the way, Copper!), watched us for a few minutes, and then asked if anyone minded if he took off. I realized after he’d been gone a few minutes that nobody said thank you or goodbye or have a nice weekend. Because we were all doing. I am so happy.

I drove home through light rain and a strong tail wind. Now it’s cool again, and I can sleep. In my own squishy bed. And work out in my head what it is I’ve gotten myself into.