Astonishingly, school is different from my normal life. But then again, my normal life was pretty sucky.

I was sitting in Art History (Prehistory to the Renaissance). The teacher was asking the group for definitions of the word “art.” And I’m sitting there thinking, “Oh, don’t say that. You don’t want to be labeled egghead, or geek, or pushy and competitive.” Then it kicked in that maybe I should be, like, comfortable with my inner geek, and maybe a little showing off might be actually WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING HERE!

So the heck with the cute little girls just behind me trying to figure out what there could be said about art for two hours a day.

So here goes. “Hannah Ahrendt said that art is a translation of an emotion to another medium.”

Geek. Competitive geek. Who puts her hand up in front of people and says things. Geek things.

And I signed up for the paper today. Public enough?

A big clue that I am changing? I make people pronounce my name correctly. I always used to be, “Oh, sure, Kristen is fine, whatever.” No more.


Gotta go. Things to do!