The bunny is Mongo, at least for now. Sometimes I suspect I’ve slipped a notch, or something.

I have ideas to work on for metals class. Today Daughter and I are going to shop for yarn for my first 4-harness loom project.

Oh. Which reminds me. I talked to my older brother on Friday. (I don’t know why I go into these conversations with pleasant expectations.) I told him I was taking a fiber course. He said, what’s that? I said weaving and stuff (because there are things that aren’t likely to be explainable to a non-believer over the phone). He actually laughed. “I can’t believe that they would teach you weaving in a college course.”

(Just so you know, he’s the one that was supposed to be the artist of the family. Hmm. Or is that hmmph?)

It’s a beautiful day. I have to go play. (Yes, I’m taking a poetry class. Why do you assssk?) (This general giddiness will mellow soon, I promise.)