First things first. I took my now-clean-but-blind camera back. The store is going to send it back to Canon to have the mirror put back in place. I will not be charged. I expect to see it before christmas.

(I’m sitting in my dorm room. You can tell when guys get back from whatever frustrating class they have. One, maybe two songs – heavy metal, full blast. Then it’s over, and quiet returns. I understand.)

Anyway. Ancient Mesopotamia. (I grabbed these images off the internet. Google “Mesopotamian art image.”)

These guys were found under the floor of a temple. See how they’re all staring up, eyes wide open, with their hands neatly folded? Praying, to Inanna, I believe. Some of the inscriptions seem to mean that people commissioned these figures to stand there gazing up in perpetual reverence, pleading their case to the goddess, while the people went about their business. I’m sorry. I just think that’s trick. I also wonder if this is the true meaning of all that graven image business.

And these guys;

Gilgamesh and the human-headed bulls. This comes from the faceplate of a funeral lyre, which also has an image of the Scorpion King. Which I recognized immediately. I suspect I was a Sumerian princess in a past life. The bulls show up repeatedly. I like them.

Who else? Naram-Sin.

Hard to see here, but this is where he tells us he’s a deity in his own right. See how close he is to the three sun gods? I swear, this image tells the truth.

There’s a lot of this “talking to gods” thing going on. Today, these people would be called crazy. Back then, they were kings.

Just something to think about.