I was at breakfast, being all cool and calm and chewing slowly and all that stuff. Then I looked at my watch. Took me a while to figure out where the lost time had gotten to.

There was stuff to look at.

And then I spent close to five hours in metals class screwing around (or as my teacher calls it, “exploring the properties of the materials.” I heart him lots. But anyway). I’m monkeying around with this fat piece of copper wire, pounding on it and smacking it with things and running it through a press with some other stuff, and I look at it and think, “Hey, that would make a pretty bracelet!!!”

No, really. You have to insert the three-second pause before the lightbulb goes off over my head and I think – “Hey! I know how to do that.”

And then there was the finding out about the wild storm that swept through that I knew nothing about, being down in the basement of the art building and all.

So, I got newspaper stuff to do tonight, and I still have to write a chapter summary for tomorrow, and homework stuff. Gotta go!