I’m caught up at school. I probably did well on my (only) mid-term, it’s a week or more till I have to start studying for the next exam, no projects due for days. There’s miscellaneous student stuff going on over at the union, but I think I’ll curl up with a (boffo, popular, so-not-relevant-to-my-course-of-studies) movie and some knitting. Because stopping is good.

And I could go on about the silly stuff that’s going on at school, and did, but there’s a delete button for a good reason. Stopping is good here, too.

I noticed that the air has that crystal clearness going on. No hazy smoke of autumn here, just more and more days again without rain. The ground is hard and hollow. I spend a lot of time watching the sky, and the leaves, and the birds. Tonight there was a flock of pigeons way over the union, maybe two hundred feet up, meandering towards the north in a loose pattern. Crows stand and talk, and I saw a seagull outside my dorm, well away from the lake. The air is sharp tonight; we might get the first hard frost.

Life goes on.

ETA: Oh, geez! I forgot to tell you. I am a Staff Writer on the school news blog! I am so proud.