My life has become a complicated episode of temperature adjustment. I have the heat set at about 65, and I was cold until about 45 seconds ago when I started dripping, so now the scarf comes off and in a few minutes I’ll be chilled, so then the scarf gets put back on and probably the shawl will go across the lap. I turned the heat down last night before I went to bed, to about 55, so I could sleep. I still woke up and took clothes off.

My car decided to have issues too. I’ve gone through quite a few of these types of things already, so I didn’t think much of it. First the car runs too hot – signified by all of a sudden there being no heat coming out of the heater and it’s somewhere around zero and we are out of toilet paper and milk so there is no turning back, but then you shut off the car for a couple of minutes, and everything is fine, which I figure is low coolant. Then, a couple of days ago, it decided to not even bother warming up, and hey! it was I don’t know how cold out after raining for a couple of days, so the car is covered with an eighth-inch of ice that will not be chipped (Daughter was the one who really wanted to get out, so I made her come help chip, and then after about 20 minutes I went inside and got the salt. I know. I don’t care), but after we got out and moving, we had plenty of heat. We apply the usual stop-gaps – top off the coolant, hope that it will self-adjust. I’m saying it’s the thermostat, Bigfoot is saying that you can’t run with the thermostat stuck open because the coolant won’t linger in the radiator long enough to cool down.

(So, Bigfoot and I have come to a compromise. When we disagree, one of us leaves. For about 6 hours, and then the one who left timidly calls, and the one who didn’t leave politely answers, and life goes on. He left, he called.)

Which is where we were at on Tuesday morning when we were getting ready to go over to Duluth, when the car decided to get hot, and then really really hot, and then started saying listen, pull over now or bad things will happen. So we pull over and do stuff and start driving and then the hood decides it won’t stay shut (but hey! the safety catch is working! – which was another argument but since we were in the car and couldn’t just leave we had to sit there fuming at each other, but I won and we didn’t try driving to Duluth with the hood only closed by the safety catch and the car being all cranky and not putting out heat – whew) so we come home and call around till we can get somebody to look at it who tells us, yes, the car is possessed. Or, in more technical terms, the fan clutch is weak, the coolant has turned to rusty brains and is clogging up the system, the water pump has failed, and the manifold gasket has this little tiny leak. So, what do I want to do?

We replaced the water pump and the thermostat, just because another ten bucks wasn’t going to hurt so bad. I just replaced the entire cooling system three years ago. I am not amused. I rescheduled the appointment for next week.

And that thing with the carbon monoxide detector? I think it has to do with the thermostat on the hot water heater.

I wonder where all this falls on my natal chart.