I developed an addiction at school; Doing Something Important. Because you spend all day every day working on something, or thinking about how you’re going to work in something, and then you get Rewards! Addictive as all-get-out. And then you come home for a solid month of not having any deadlines or projects, and the drearies come stalking.

So I set two goals for break; to make a quilt for my dorm room, and to finish the brown cardigan. And then veered off, dramatically. Of course.

I made the gloves for a friend. I made the baby bolero, from “One Skein Wonder”; I’m making washcloths, and I’m making them kind of ugly, as a design experiment; I’m half-way through a pair of gloves for myself; and I’ve made a few little “cup and a cookie” coasters, idea from here. I washed most of my fabric (Damn you, BigBox and your bin of last-bits-off-the-bolt!) and set off the carbon monoxide detector. I went out and took pictures. And there was Cookie Fest, intermingled with Bread Fest. (I read somewhere that cookies are good for you in the winter, because they raise your serotonin levels. I have no idea if that’s true, but that’s my excuse.) I’m making new jammies. From a pattern. Which is something I haven’t done for 15 years, maybe. Scary.

Daughter and I met with somebody yesterday, who looked at Daughter’s “Jayne” hat and said, “Oh, did you make that?” and then noticed my half-mittens, and said, “Oh, you’re like me. When it’s winter I just go home and quilt.” So I stopped and inventoried Daughter and myself, and realized I had made the hat, my scarf, both pair of half-mittens, and my pair of socks. All l this stuff is starting to add up.

So, thank you, Knitters and Knitter’s Review, for getting me going again, years ago. I don’t say, “Oh, I got it off a knitting blog,” anymore. I say, “Oh, that idea is from one of the fiber-arts blogs I read.” I want you to all practice saying that. “I am an artist working in textiles.”

Baby bolero, in an aubergine/purple acrylic, not the brown you see here – Black Horse yarn, maybe? The mom loves purple.