So I came home for the weekend like I always do, because. Home. Quiet. Comfiness.

I had an appointment here for noon, and it’s about an hour and twenty minutes, and class was over at 9:50. So I walk out of the building into pellets. I get on my cell phone and call to say I might be a little late. Get my stuff together and hit the road about 10:25.

The road opens into the highway, and we start picking up speed, and then the two semis that are ahead of me in the left-hand lane slow down and move into the right-hand lane, and continue on at about 40 miles an hour. I take this as a sign, and follow suit.

So, about an hour goes by and I’m less than half-way home. I give up, pull over, get a cup of coffee and a pack of Little Debbie donuts, and call to cancel. I get back on the road, and get kind of comfortable up around 50, except when it goes to white. I’m okay, there’s not much traffic, I’m not in a hurry. All good.

I start picking up traffic as I get closer to town. The road widens for a passing lane and some wine-colored Dodge station wagon-y thing passes me. Fine. Then right after the Dodge a semi comes flying up and slows down about two feet behind the Dodge. I slow down, because this is nothing but trouble. I watch as the Dodge, trying to get out from in front of the semi, loses control and starts fishtailing inches in front of this dickhead semi. Dodge gets it back and gets into the right-hand lane. Semi roars ahead.

Now I have a prejudice against Dodge drivers. I assume they are all jerks, because of some very bad experiences with Dodge truck drivers. But I couldn’t help but feel for Dodge, so I keep my eye on Semi. He turns off the highway ahead of me, but it’s the way I’m turning too. We get stopped at a light and I grab a pencil and the cardboard from the bottom of the Little Debbie’s pack, and get the cab number and the name of the company.

So I get in the house and Daughter gets out of bed to greet me, and I’m all about this Semi! and this Dodge! and I’ve got to get on the computer and get the company info! I call and explain exactly how this guy (yes, sexism, guy driving a semi) nearly killed Dodge (poor, defenseless Dodge), and yeah fine bad economy gotta make the schedule yada yada I shouldn’t make judgments, but Geez! If Dodge had completely lost it, how dead would I be right now?

Daughter gives me that look and says, “No more coffee for a week.”