When you were a kid, and the world was small?

From First Draft.

There are always the chants and the drumming from the center of the Rotunda that can be heard throughout the building. That is except for a quiet time at night. There is the singing of song. I could post a new Star Spangled Banner video everyday. There is a bank of TV’s set up to watch the proceeding in either chamber. There are marshalls to help people out and do clean-up. There is an Information Center and a small Loaning Library. People who sleep here at night, tuck their belongings and bedding against the wall of the second floor during the day. It is safe to just leave your things there. No one is stealing from the people…except you know who.

And the people here? Who are they? Well as I walked around last night I thought…these look like same folks I’d see at a Packer game. Wisconsin folk.

I hope that gives you some idea of what it is like here. It has truly grown organically and continues to evolve daily. It is after all as one of the favorite chants here says, “Our House.”

Read it all. This could be our village, again.