Or, things I’ve found on line.

To the Chicago Abyss, by Ray Bradbury.

The Moral Underground, by Lisa Dodson, how people just go ahead and do the right thing. Actual hope.

Anyway. It’s cold and wet and grey outside, or I’d take pictures of The Sweater. The one I intended to have done by October of 2010. From the yarn that’s already been knitted into one sweater which I hated and ripped back. The one with the back, two fronts, and one sleeve having K1P1 ribbing, and the other sleeve (which was already half knitted once, on the wrong size needles and ripped out) having K2P2 ribbing. I think I’ll just go with it. I doubt anyone will notice, and I’ll say I did it on purpose, which, if I just abandon the idea of ripping it out, will be true. It’s on hold til I commit.

Found this at the Goodwill, and decided it needed a home.