We were reviewing for the midterm exam in art history today. The teacher was talking about the types of scholarship during the Renaissance. He remembered monastic scholarship, but couldn’t remember the second type.

So he asked me.

Platonic scholarship, by the way.

I have decided to have tee shirts made up, to celebrate the occasion. I’m also 95% sure that I’ll be switching to art history for my major. Not just because I am a geek who knew an answer, but because the teacher went on to explain that he prefers to study the culture a piece of art comes from, to truly understand its iconography.

Home. I have found it.

I also voted today. What’s the word? Kloppenburg. I sure hope I didn’t just get fooled again.

(The hat says MIA, which is I suppose a joke, but because I am a geek it actually refers to Minneapolis Institute of Art. I’ve had it for years, but living in a small town I always felt like I was better off underground with all my pretensions. But now I am a geek. Yay!!!!)