Last Friday I had to take Bigfoot over to Washburn to sign papers for his apartment. While I was waiting for him, I decided to just browse in the bookstore there – you know, just to look. I got out cheap. Only two books, and they were for art history so they don’t really count.

But then. I was waiting to ask my English teacher a couple of questions, when my philosophy teacher comes out and says, “By the way, since I’m retiring, I’m getting rid of some of my books. Would you like to come look?”

I swear, I was only going to take a few. I guess 25 really isn’t so many. It’s only one small box. And then he carried it to the car for me, because I was concerned about my back. Geez. I might go back next week.

Then I was talking about how cool art history is to a friend, and she told me to buy “A Short Guide to Writing about Art.” So I did.

And then tonight it was Goodwill, but most of those are for Bigfoot, so they don’t count.


Monday night at the Union.