First you get mid-terms.

Then before you get your grades back, you have to start picking classes. Then, before you actually register, you have to listen to everybody bitch about how the classes they need aren’t offered or they need over-rides or worst of all, “I can take two classes and I’ll have my BFA in thirteen different specialties!” So everybody’s stressing about how they’re going to pay for it (Insert Scott Walker crazy here) and how much longer it will take to get their degrees, and the ones graduating are stressed about finding jobs AND you still have I don’t know how many papers to write.

And then there’s sucking up to professors. I admit it sounded like I was sucking up yesterday, but I have good reason to; he’s my advisor and will be teaching about half the classes I will need for my degree. And I like him and was glad that he was back from being sick, so it just sounded like sucking up.

And, all the people that slacked most of the term have to show up at class and act like they care and do a lot of work. And then there was the woman who totally ripped off an idea I had last term and swore she totally didn’t, telling a man that she couldn’t do something because she didn’t want to look like she was ripping off his idea, and besides which, she couldn’t execute it as well as he had done.

I’m not studying art so I have to deal with crazy people. Good thing it will probably be art history, anyway. I’m hoping fewer crazy people, at least.

There was a point to all this, but it’s gone now. Probably because I’m so stressed out.

Anyway. I did have a half-healthy breakfast. The two fruits and the orange juice should balance out the eggs and hashbrowns, right? And I’m still on half-caf, so really. Not so bad.

Have a picture.

And now I can’t order this stinking dumbass used book because all booksellers refuse my card.

I hate the world!!!!!

Did I mention stress?