He sent me an email yesterday, telling me about how his wife had given him the money to take a trip out to Glacier National Park last year, but they hadn’t had a chance to take it till this year, and by the way his second son graduated summa cum laude (his first son, of course, is a rocket scientist. Literally).

So I email back that Daughter got into the life-skills support program, and that Bigfoot had his leg cut off, and that I’m doing okay at school too.

I figure I won’t hear from him again for a while. Probably not till the Christmas cheese basket.

Have I ever mentioned that he’s a Republican?

I promise I’ll tell you how awesome school was, but that will take a little more time to process. Right now I’m in that edgy place between realities, and trying to figure out how I’m ever going to shoehorn everything back into this house. The least of which is the sixteen or so books that we picked up yesterday. (Philosophy teacher is retiring, and giving away books. I only took five yesterday, because I took a boxfull a few weeks ago.)