I just emailed a friend asking her if she remembered what made me decide to go back to school. I’m pretty sure I was just going to go to the votech outside of town. Oops.

I think the thing I learned the most (Yeah. I expect to get an A- in my Writing class. Go figure) was that I am actually well within the range of normal. Except for maybe that part about being 57 and a sophomore in college.

Coolest thing? Sitting in a room full of people and talking about art history and theories in a casual conversation. Or maybe sitting in that same room and sharing ideas, or helping somebody lay something out on the press. Which comes back to being one of many.

Yeah. One of many. Not a freak. Boy, that takes a lot of pressure off.

So I’m trying to maintain my habit of getting up and doing things. My house is a disaster, my teeny garden beds need major work, and there’s a Blazer-load of stuff to sort and put away. I’ve started a doc titled “Things I did today.” (remember diaries?) I’ve got a box full of etchings to sort, and a couple of collages to hang. I called the shelter and volunteered to work in their gardens again this summer. I have twenty bucks to my name, so I’m going to start looking for a job and for things to sell. Maybe put up signs saying I’ll weed gardens? $5/hour cash? I need to organize my basement art and sewing areas, so I can just go to work, instead of cleaning first. Only three months off! ARRRGGGHH!

In August I go back and do it some more. Yes.

Washing winter woolens.

Late, late spring this year. The apple trees haven’t bloomed yet, and they never miss May 18th.