I’m not dying! I’m not dying! I’m not dying!

Okay, I suppose I should have, like, mentioned that I haven’t been feeling good, so you wouldn’t be surprised. But I wasn’t feeling good because I’ve been down in the basement where the mildew lives, and it was subtle, so I didn’t make the connection till a couple of days ago. The experiment payed off. I quit going into the basement, and wow! I got better. So I went to the pulmonologist, who is the one who told me I’m not dying. I think he doesn’t quite get all the things that I don’t do any more, but hey. I’m not dying.

And, in other good news. The apple trees are finally blooming. Now if we don’t get blown off the face of the earth, it’s all good. (It’s crazy windy here today. I went over the high bridge in Duluth twice today. And I didn’t die!)

Oh, and by the way, all you people I count on? I”m not going to be left behind, so you don’t get to die till after I do, and I’m planning on thirty years or so. Good news all around!