Don’t know what happened. Just quit connecting to the world, or something. And I think summer has finally gotten here. Lilacs and apple trees bloomed, and today must have been around 70 degrees.

I’ve been helping at the domestic abuse shelter, working in their garden and digging around a little to find resources, and generally being moral support for an advocate there. So that’s been a lot of physical work, which seems to be what parts of me have needed. Other parts are not amused, however.

Before I moved up here I was coming up here for counseling, and I’d go to the Black Cat and think for a while before I’d head back home. It would be a quiet weekday morning, with the baristas talking to the regulars and setting up for noon-time rush, and then Gordy would come in.

I’ve always liked Ashland. It still feels magical when I come back into town. But I wasn’t sure I would move up here till I saw this guy, talking to the people in town.

I”m not sure this is home. Things are being sorted into stay and go piles, in an off-hand manner. I’m looking at options. But for tonight, I think I’ll go down to the bay, and see how still the water is.