So, Susie linked to an article about what pharmaceuticals might be doing to your brain, and how the whole industry just exploded in the last fifty years. And yes, I totally agree that we ought to be much more careful about what we swallow down with that last glass of water at night. And I also agree that sometimes it’s necessary. Any of you remember me before the amitriptylin? I do. But also that’s the one I went with because the stuff has been on the market for a million years, and it’s usually used on little old ladies in the nursing home.

I suppose people used to be just crabby and depressed. And here, I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

My pharmacist has this nice new building for his business, and it has a drive-through window. I usually go in because, not so often any more but often enough, there is some problem that I have to talk to somebody. “Why can’t I get it? Who do I need to call?” and it seems easier in person, what with that ninety percent of communication being non-verbal. So I walk in one day, picking up one or two or whatever of what I’ve called in two or three or more days ago because he is also hard up for money and he doesn’t order expensive things until he’s got a need for them, and he thanks me. He thanks me for coming into the store in person, because he misses talking to people, seeing their faces.

It’s kind of like that trick question where there’s a book, an umbrella and an orange on the table and somebody asks what do they have in common. Maybe it’s just that the drugs and the need for them and the pharmacist being lonely in his job are all on the same table.

In other news, I finished a pair of socks, and I’m within hours of finishing the world’s most boring brown sweater. I went down to the lake and did some sketching, and I’m picking up pieces for a doll I’m going to make. Summer is going okay.