Now I’m mad. It was 90 when I left the house to do errands this morning. I mean, I noticed it cooled off some when the clouds broke and the sun came out while I was out, but I’ve been hiding in my house all day, because it was hot.

I just checked the temperature and it’s 71 out there. Fine. So, now the doors are open and the fans back on. I suppose I should just be grateful.

But anyway. I’ve been poking at things, sort of, with the toe of my shoe, not really stopping and bending over or doing any effort-involving thing, and things are coming my way. I’ve been volunteering over at the shelter gardens, and what the hey! they’ve got a job opening! Sounds like they might even be happy to have me even when I go off to school in the fall. I’ve been thinking about school in the fall, and how it would be fun to explore Iron Age coin-making, and then following links on sewing blogrolls led me to a site about a discovery of coins from northwestern England.

Sometimes you gotta push, and sometimes you should just wait till the wave brings it in to you.

Some sort of eclipse today, and I can tell that stuff is breaking loose in the ether, or whatever. At least in/for me.

Anyway. Coins.

From a site called Medievalists. I know what I’ll be doing for few hours.