We went to our old hometown the other day. I only recognized a few people, and they didn’t recognize me, or didn’t care. But, we drove down the back ways that we used to take home from grocery shopping. I miss that, I miss the river and the creek and the trees, and not living in town. I’m only minimally less isolated here.

I’ve got a busy week coming up. I dropped physical therapy because he wanted to fix my leg rather than my back, even after telling him over and over and over again that there was no point in fixing my leg if he didn’t fix my back first. Seriously, this guy had a hearing problem. I told him that working in the garden made my back feel better. He said don’t do that. Then he asked me why I thought it made my back feel better. I admit I had no answer, but then again, I’m not the professional here. He was shocked at how well I could do pelvic tilts, and then told me until I got better at them, he wouldn’t do anything else to strengthen my lower back. I told him that everybody else I talked to said that my legs were the same length, and that my hips were tilted and my lower back twisted. He said, yes your legs are the same length. I told him that after doing the one stretch for two days, I woke up in the middle of the night with my entire inner thigh and the top of my right foot in charleyhorses. He said well then don’t do that stretch do this one.

I said, I’m not going to keep coming back here to do leg stretches for the next three months if you’re not going to do anything with my lower back. He said, so you want to work on this on your own?

I came home and called a chiropractor. And then carried two boxes yesterday, and woke up today unable to move. So I was very dramatic at my first appointment. Moving around all day made it better, though. I go talk to him about the x-ray tomorrow.

I go over to school tomorrow, too, and Wednesday the Dentist (very scary). Thursday I fill out paperwork for my very part-time job, and teach my first knitting class. Friday I garden. Then I’m mostly off for the rest of the month, except for cleaning the entire house top to bottom, and probably three more dentist appointments before I go back to school. Like I said, scary.