Oh, it’s so exciting! I had my first adjustment today. And he showed me my standing x-ray, where obviously I am nearly paralyzed. So I am not a wimpy hypochondriac, which was truly running through my head. And I am able to move. I even tried to do that Herman’s Hermits dance. What was it called, that thing where you stuck your arms out and just raised your legs awkwardly? Or was it Freddy and the Dreamers?

And I went over to school today for a staff meeting for the school web news thing. It was good to be over there. I have been getting anxious and stressed about having to function at near capacity again. Being on campus reminds me that I like functioning at near capacity.

And I haven’t been showing you things.

A rubber stamp I made for a friend, and a couple of “cup and a cookie” mats, idea from make something.

There’s more. I promise I’ll start taking pictures.