So, because I didn’t pile into any of the people who decided I was either invisible or not important, I’ll tell you about it.

One little tidbit. If you are walking around with undiagnosed Asperger’s, you probably shouldn’t be in customer service. If you don’t have Asperger’s, why are you so utterly incapable of telling me what I actually need to know?*

There was something else, but I can’t remember. I missed the meeting I wanted to go to today, so the hell if I’m going to call to get invited to the meeting I don’t want to go to, at least until I’m not in this mood.

Oh, I remember. I missed that meeting. My brain feels like diluted fuzz. I am willing to bet a cigarette would help me focus. Maybe a nicorette patch? I’ve been avoiding chocolate because allergies suck and a permanent flaking grossness on my hands wasn’t helping my self esteem, but what with the bad mood and all, I thought I’d cut myself some slack, and I got a Snicker’s Dark. It was stale.

And Google? When I mis-spell something I type into search, be honest. Say something like, “You. Imbecile. You meant to ask for this,” rather than all that prissy, “um, maybe, did you mean this?” We all know that you’re laughing at us. Fight like a sentient being. And when we say, “No. I meant that,” admit that maybe there’s a chance in hell that you’re WRONG, GOOGLE SEARCH, and let me move on.

Thanks. I feel a little better now. (Oh, wait. Is this a Mercury retrograde thing? Maybe. If that’s the case, I’m going to bed for a while.)

You get a picture, for being so nice.

The camera lost about 35 different extra colors that were in the water, but you get the idea. The idea being, that it was wild and cold and mineral green and dark dark blue with confused whitecaps not knowing when to break or which direction to run, chunks of deep blue sky overrun by dark heavy masses of gray overrun by deep deep blue, and gulls standing still up in the wind, or dropping a wing and wheeling away.

*(One of the major diagnostic symptoms of Asperger’s is a total inability to realize that the other person does not know what you know. Just so you know.)