I seem to be absent. That school thing, you know.

But it’s currently good, as long as I don’t weaken. Even the fact that the volleyball court is right outside my window isn’t freaking me out much. Except maybe that drunk assholes are booooring. One “I shit my pants” comment per lifetime is enough, thank you.

I’m taking a history class, “Ancient Mediterranean History,” which isn’t pre-history. That was wishful thinking. It’s currently “The Iliad,” and we watched “Troy,” and OMG that sucked. Except for Sean Bean, but we won’t go there.

So anyway, we’re all sitting around talking about Pride, and Manliness, and how in those times you didn’t allow anybody to diss you and We Are Not Like That Now, and I had to stick my hand up and say, well, maybe not here in this college stratum, but there are cultures where this is the case. Today. I’ve also gotten up and said something about all those old white guys looking alike. (Everybody looks alike to me. The Iliad goes on and on about people, with their three or four names and brothers and godlike-ness, but that I can deal with. I start being able to know who people are. Some guy up there grunting in armor is just another old white guy to me. It’s an issue.)

Maybe I can work on keeping my mouth shut just a little bit more.

Anyway. Picture.

Good grief, it’s almost whimsical.