I have a cold, and I lost my voice. I went to an urgent care facility this morning, and walked out after two hours without seeing anyone.

Advice. Put on a freaking Nurse Practitioner to deal with chest colds, ship people with broken limbs to someplace that has more than one freaking doctor and one freaking nurse on staff – and hey! maybe acknowledge that the patients aren’t getting paid to sit there. Perhaps give them an estimate of when they’ll be seen, rather than (quickonyourwayoutoftheexamroom) ohbythewaythedoctor’sgotseveralpeopleinfrontofyouokaybye.

I was not gracious. In fact, I was probably rude. I figure I can drive back to my hometown, get into urgent care, be seen, and have the prescription in my hand in two hours. Plus see my kid and the guy who didn’t do such a great job on my radiator. I guess I’ve gotten used to being treated with respect.


Fog this morning.

Made for an interesting drive back to school.