Because of personal history, I tend to freak in and around October. Because I freak in and around October, I frequently get very sick. Then, because I tend to get very sick in and around October, I freak more. And then, because I am sick, I don’t get to go out and enjoy October, so it is just this pit of poopiness.

So, you get pictures from my front yard, because that is as far as I dare go, because, NAP!

And, in bitchiness: If you are a Doctor or a Nurse Practitioner, you don’t get to tell me that I am exaggerating my illness this year and refuse to give me antibiotics because a statistical group of people show up and want antibiotics for their colds and that’s all not cost effective and is an abuse of antibiotics, because if you look at my records I show up this time of year every year with pneumonia. I’m sorry that most people who get laryngitis are whiners. But every time I show up with laryngitis and get sent on my merry way, I come back in five to seven days with pneumonia. And about that x-ray? I don’t have scar tissue in my lungs. That is the beginnings of pneumonia.

And do not lecture somebody who has taken prednisone every couple of years for thirty-some years about how awesome prednisone is for healing up asthmatic lungs. Really. It’s insulting. (And I probably won’t take it, at least not at the dose you’ve prescribed. I like my stomach and my sanity.) (And my asthma is not that bad.) (Really. I am paying attention.)

I think doctors have fallen into my personal “What we have here is a failure to communicate” abyss.

But. Funny story. I had promised a friend that I would call her last night. I dialed the number on my landline, but forgot that I had to add the “1” at the beginning. So I got a little addled, and re-dialed, but put in the wrong area code, and got a complete stranger, to whom I started talking, with No. Voice. None.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so grateful for caller ID, so that she knew or could at least figure out that I was not some absolutely crazy person. A crazy person would block her caller ID, don’t you think?

Anyway. Pretty picture from my front yard.

Photoshopped, some.

And, evidence of a possibly lazy squirrel, or one that doesn’t like getting its paws dirty.

It’s about 4 1/2 feet off the ground. Vinyl siding. Don’t know how it got up there. Black Walnut, by the way. We have them growing up like weeds everywhere.

Oh. And Daughter has laryngitis too. We are amusing.

(eta; different clinic. I was in and out with chest x-ray, blood draw, and prescriptions in an hour. Admitttedly they weren’t busy, but I’ve been in this clinic when they were busy, and I was done in two hours. Not waiting to see somebody. When I get my voice back…)