One of those twenty-four-hour periods that makes up for the suck that has been the last several weeks. Not major suck, just the “take fifteen steps to move forward three” sort of stuck-in-the-mud suck.

I’m on the student paper, and so I go talk to people all the time. It’s great for me, because I have an automatic topic so I’m not stumbling around feeling like a fool. Today I met with a member of the faculty who totally blew my mind. I have to do some more processing, but it was one of those experiences … You know how some people adjust the timing belt on your brain so you have more pick-up? This was dropping in turbo-charging.

Unfortunately, she’s not teaching any classes next term. I asked. I told her straight out to not lead me astray, that I’m staying in art history, and she just laughed at me. Awesome person.

Went to a teacher’s show tonight. Paintings, instead of his customary collages and woodcuts. I learned.

So, tonight I’m back to being grateful for being in school, instead of wishing I were home in my basement making things that I would never show to anybody. Funny how things can just flip like that.