I just wrote the worst article ever. For publication.

On the plus side, Daughter says she is secretly recording me while I flail around twitching and making odd vocalizations (my secret technique for writing) to send to “Funniest Home Videos.” I told her she can pay for my school, then.

And to make it better, I was going to show you some beautiful pictures from this morning of the maple, who is still holding on to her leaves – but I shot them on a custom white balance, so they are a beautiful green, instead of the gold I see. But that, at least, is easily rectified. I went out and took some of her now, in the gusting wind with that pale blue sky of winter showing up this afternoon for the first time.

The wind has come up hard from the west. I’ve been hearing rumors about snow over on the far edge of Minnesota. I was starting to believe it wasn’t going to happen this year. I might have been wrong about that.