Seriously, I did this last week! Okay. Fine.

Daughter. I come home to Daughter, and i’m not that crazy old woman who scares the bejeebers out of her fellow students.

And Home, and that soft squooshy bed, and things where they should be, and nice colors that don’t make you think you’ve been committed, and coffee in the pink cup and dinner on the blue plates.

And friends. Those people who take the whole package, pointy sticky-out bits and all.

And the people in my classes who are alive and bright and stick their hands up and say something. Thank you so much. You have no idea.

I have four of my favorite teachers next semester. (If I hadn’t hit the credit ceiling, I would take an independent study from one of them – in etching, which I was so sick of last term I couldn’t stomach it any more. I gave away my last plate. But I’ve been studying Goya, though, and now I have ideas.) (I suppose I could drop French…)

And my bike, which will be talked about in detail some time in the future, a cheap cruiser that I ride the 7 blocks to school as often as I can. Makes me feel so much better. (Ice makes it interesting. Snow tires aren’t that much?..)

And I looked out my kitchen window this morning to see a bunny and a squirrel, hanging out in the neighbor’s yard. The snow is mostly gone for now, and the light is soft and warm. It’s one of those in-between days, not winter not fall, good for traveling.