I was on my way out the door to go to lunch when I saw this harp in the snow.

I have to schedule a goodly chunk of time in the next three weeks to stay the heck home, because I still feel scattered and fretful, and I’m unconsciously keeping track so that I can throw everything back into the bags and schlep it back to school. I’m back in with the chiropractor, who apparently thinks I don’t come home and lie down after my adjustments, so schedules 15 minutes of “You comfy? I’ll be right back” into my visits.

See? Look at that. Two uses of the word “schedule” in one paragraph. Not vacation.

But I got out of the chiro office yesterday to a text message from my friend. (I have a friend! Here! In this town where I live!) We’ve been texting, and not so much on the phone, and we haven’t seen each other since October, so this was cool, let’s go for food yay! We met at the restaurant at noon and had lunch and talked for a while, maybe an hour, and then she glanced up and saw the clock, which now said ten minutes to 3. Oops.

Anyway. She talked me into helping set up a new craft room/ quiet space at the shelter. Scheduled for 5pm on Wednesday.