I was being all responsible and stuff, making appointments and taking care of things. Ick. So I slept till 10 (but I slept poorly, so it isn’t true sloth). I went out for a bike ride, because it was 43 degrees out. It only took ten minutes, because the Corridor is all slushed in and I don’t have snow tires. (But still – Bike Ride!) Daughter was up when I got back, so i said, “Let’s go,” and we drove up to Bayfield, and then around the peninsula.

We had lunch at a restaurant, with other people in it. We went to a bookstore. We went to a yarn shop. I was up on my feet walking around, and when that got to be too much, there was always a chair. It was sunny and warm, and the Lake was still wide open up on the peninsula. I didn’t do anything productive all day, except for stimulating the economy.

Honey latte and blueberry scone. True North, by Jim Harrison. Four skeins of Cascade. (I’m not even going to try to correct. The blue and purple are darker. The yellow is cooler and the pink is warmer. And yes, I took maybe twenty photos.)
Don’t get this yarn store wrong based on my selections. They had a huge selection of wonderful stuff, books and needles and yarns and yarns and yarns. I just like crayon-colored worsted-weight stuff.

Today I’ll hit it again. I would even call the dentist’s office, but they’re closed on Friday.