So, I’m back at school, which has dire consequences – for blogging, at least.

Arrgghh! School! I’m taking French 101, and I know I’m a bad person, but I’ve been conditioned by I don’t know how many cultural references to think that the very sound of the French language is a reference to snotty jerk posers – and here I am trying to learn it. And something about the teacher makes me think of “Better Off Dead,” and “frrraunch frrries.” I would really like less cheerleading and more grammar, too, please. I just want to be able to stumble through the odd lines of French that show up in Dorothy Sayers’ books. It is a discipline. I can do it. We discussed “tu” and “vous” this morning, and I was sitting back there thinking “Y’all” and “All y’all,” but I’m unsure of this teacher, and of my ability to restrain myself from derailing the class, so I said nothing. Geez, I’ve changed.

But! I’m also taking Non-Western Art! And that is a big score. Interesting talk about materials used in creating things. Completely different way to think. I feel good.

Of course, I also bumped the 5HTP up to 300 this morning. Seems to be working. Maybe I’ll sleep tonight! Yay!

Oh, yeah. Painting. I spent close to $90 at Michael’s the other day, and I’m realizing I need a completely different blue, and some sort of magenta, and orange would be nice, and those brushes I got are too big, and what about a palette knife? (Thank you on-line coupons! I saved $23 on what I bought. Keep that in mind.)

And I sit next to a friend in philosophy! Somebody who also talks in class! It’s a good thing.

And I decided that I need to eat breakfast every day, and not just an egg-muffin thing, so I put money away to eat in the caf. Makes a huge difference in my day.

So I guess it’s good. Two more classes that haven’t met yet, but I think I’ll be okay. Whew.

Today’s picture, taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Alberto Giacometti.