Although you wouldn’t think so by how it started.

I gave up on the stupid brick lightly covered with foam that passes for a dorm room bed, and pulled out the air mattress last night to sleep on the floor. I was somewhat more comfortable but I still didn’t sleep well. But it’s Friday, and I’m heading home to at least two nights on my soft squooshy queen-size bed, so I ignore that.

I go to the caf for breakfast. I’m eating my eggs, and realize I really don’t like the oil they use for the grill. Then I realize I don’t have my watch or my cellphone, which means a day without knowing what time it is. Then walking to my class, the elastic on my underwear gives up completely. Then I get to class (French) and realize I probably shouldn’t be out in public.

I got back to my dorm room just in time.

So I lay down and rest for an hour, mulling over the fact that my third class, that I really want to go to, is across the hall from the office of the teacher of my second class, and that if I’m going to show up for the third one I have to go to the second, so I’d better go to my second class –

In which he discusses totem figures of the native peoples of the Northwest Coast, and shamanic amphibious rattles, and I realize that yes, what I’m looking for in all this art stuff is representations of the spiritual world –

And then I go to the third class, which is art meditation/ ecopsychology, and the teacher starts the class with a guided meditation, and then talks about the consciousness of the world and this time of change, and being aware of our physical world, and then sends us out to pick up little things outside for a sensory experiment –

And we get outside and it’s snowing, and you can hear in everybody’s voice how long we’ve all been waiting for this most normal of things.