Yes, this is a garbage post.

I did two or more good deeds today. I bought a box of Girl Scout cookies, took them to class and told everybody that they were being sold in the Union. Caramel DeLites. They didn’t have much of anything else unpacked. Got rid of all but probably seven, that being the number I ate. Plus now I am the nice cookie lady. And I found out what the favorite cookie of one of my teachers is. Now, to bake! (I am not above bribes.)

Crows have been yelling at me all day. Well, twice, actually. The first time a pair of them almost smacked into the window in front of me. I ended up turning around and talking to a former teacher of mine, and decided to change my minor to writing. I decided to follow the path of least resistance. I guess I hadn’t realized how I felt about it till just that second.

The second time a crow nearly grazed the head of somebody I’ve been trying to decide about. He didn’t even notice the crow. I think I’ll stay a little bit back from him.

And lastly, does anyone else do Google divination? Come up with a question like, “What are the crows trying to tell me,” and typing it into Google? A little less cryptic than I Ching.

Have fun. Make something.