Well, I can, but I don’t want to. Pretend everything from here on in is ALL CAPS, because school.

Annotated bibliography due April 6th or something. Student government elections coming. Mid-terms coming. Group projects coming. It’s like standing at the bottom of an avalanche. No wonder students go out and get drunk. And why exactly is it that professors get to take sick days, but students are strongly encouraged to not. I lost points in one class because I didn’t stay for class because somebody had dumped a bottle of perfume in the room. This same teacher has left early twice and cancelled class twice, in a class that meets twice a week. I call bullshit.

Anyway. Too much. Thought about not taking showers for the rest of the week to keep people away from me, but I have to interview people for magazine articles and meet with my advisor. And next week is SPRING BREAK!!!YAY!!!!, and while I will have the opportunity to not talk to people, I will also have the opportunity to take a long, hot bath every night if I so desire.

So,yeah. Spring Break! Complete with three art projects that I know about, and studying for a French midterm, and…

I just won’t answer the phone.