It’s part of an eco-psychology project. We’re supposed to observe some place once a week, for the length of the term. Well, this tree in my front yard is my place, and all of a sudden it’s spring, so I figured I’d watch it a little closer for this week and see what it does. And this is another picture that is actually in full color.

The sky wasn’t that scary – just grey. But it’s one of those days where the air doesn’t move, just sits on your chest staring into your face like a cat – an evil, malign cat. It’s the first day of tornado season, I suspect. They don’t happen up here very often, thankfully, but it’s that same sense of unease.

I went to the chiropractor this morning, and he mocked me, or whatever you call that thing when you go to a doctor because you’re feeling a little under the weather and he says that’s because you have really not been being good to yourself and maybe you should pay attention a little more because everything is out of whack!!! lady. Chided, I guess.

So I came home and laid down for two hours (doctor’s orders! I swear!) and then went for a walk and then maybe picked up the bark in the front yard, and then maybe raked for a half-hour or so. Because I go back tomorrow to have my spine wiggled again. But I can walk better, so…