I am truly in over my head at school. Low income stuff to deal with, including health insurance. A small mountain of schoolwork, including a class of “Here’s an idea. You have 7 days to create a masterpiece!” So tempted to withdraw. $20 vs. sanity. I’m supposed to construct something out of paper that shows some life-altering event (in my life – we are washing away years of therapy here) and is kinetic. Think mobiles, or pop-up books, or something. Right now I’m working on a paper-mache baby that you can yank up out of a box (Daughter was C-section). The possibilities of bad jokes is kind of stifling me on that one. My other thought is a paper airplane out of my dad’s court-reporter paper. Quick, easy, kinetic, and points at big chunks of my life.

And then I broke a tooth chewing gum yesterday. It’s the one with the temporary crown, that got filled last summer, and then the filling came out undercutting the tooth. I think it wants to be pulled.

On the other hand, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is running a current display that is exactly what my McNair paper is going to be on, so all I have to do is order the catalogue and there will be a list of references.

Gotta go clean the kitchen.